Your Wedding Florist Agreement

Once you have chosen your wedding florist, plan a second appointment to review recommendations and budget.

The following are suggested items that should be included in your wedding florist agreement:

  • Name and contact information (mailing address, telephone, cell phone, e-mail address, etc.) for you and the florist.
  • Date, times and locations of your wedding ceremony and reception.
  • An itemized list of all the flower arrangements, number of arrangements, colors and flower preferences.
  • Flower alternatives, should a specific bloom be unavailable for your wedding. Include any unacceptable substitutions.
  • A list of items (vases, trellises, etc.) that the florist will supply. Include the rental, delivery and set-up prices for each, if applicable.
  • Name of the florist/designer who will be delivering and setting up the flowers for your ceremony/reception.
  • Arrival times for set-up at the ceremony/reception sites. Include instructions on who will meet the florist at the sites along with contact numbers.
  • Where and when the bouquets and boutonnieres should be delivered.
  • Total cost and payment schedule.
  • Deposit amount and due date.
  • Balance amount and due date.
  • Cancellation/refund policy. is hosted by the Society of American Florists, the U.S. floral industry trade association. Click below to find a local SAF member florist to send flowers, roses and gifts for delivery.