People have always used flowers to commemorate life’s special occasions such as weddings and funerals and milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries. Flowers are used to convey special messages such as “I love you” and “Get Well,” to beautify homes and offices, and to create festive atmospheres for social gatherings. Talk to your florist about making your occasion extra special.

FAQs About Flowers for the Holidays, Occasions and Parties

How long before a holiday should I order flowers that need to be delivered?

Because flowers are a personal and preferred gift for many holidays, florists are often extremely busy during holiday seasons and inventory on certain flowers and plants may be in short supply. Florists may have a cut off time for accepting delivery orders to ensure that all orders will be delivered in a timely manner. Your best bet is to contact the florist one to two weeks before the holiday.

Can a florist guarantee flower delivery on a holiday?

Yes, if the order is placed in a timely manner. Most florists cannot guarantee an actual time for the delivery on a busy holiday but may be able to give an estimated time. The key is to order early and to have all the delivery information (recipient name, address and phone number) correct to avoid any delays.

Why are flowers more expensive at holidays?

It is a simple issue of supply and demand. People tend to want certain flowers at certain holiday times. This can create a large demand for specific types of flowers. Take Valentine’s Day for example. More than 250 million roses are typically produced for Valentine’s Day, which falls in the middle of winter. Growers work very hard after their Christmas cuttings to produce a crop for Valentine’s Day. One long stem rose means sacrificing many other blooms, extra labor must be hired at every production level, there are higher heating costs and additional transportation and delivery are needed. Each of these factors contributes to the proportionate cost of flowers at Valentine’s Day.

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