LIVE LIKE A FLOWER: Live Colorfully

Each of us is like a flower: unique, beautiful and the source of a smile. Show the world what variety you are with these tips from design psychology expert and author of Do I Look Skinny in this House?, Kelli Ellis. She shares advice on how to live like a flower by being colorful and daring to be different.


Shake it up. Do something unpredictable. Skydive, take ballroom dancing lessons, drive a race car, learn how to sail, paint the living room a wild color, hang flowers from the chandelier… try something completely new and you’ll feel new!

Make it simple. Keep the people that make your life better on speed dial; your hair stylist, your florist, your dog walker, your baby sitter. Call on the pros and trust them to make your life simple and sweet.

Good morning sunshine. Start and end your day in a color that makes your heart smile, one that creates a key to your haven. Choose a bedding color that you love, and wrap yourself in a smile every day. On your nightstand, fill a vase with flowers in your favorite color. A Harvard study shows that while people tend to feel least positive in the early hours, they reported feeling happier and more energetic after looking at flowers first thing in the morning.

Ignore your “normal.” To brighten your day, get bold. Instead of the usual black tights, try colored leggings in your favorite color. Swap out the typical black boots for vibrant pumps. Find a new style one piece at a time.

Make a statement. Share the things you love with the world. Create your own signature brand by choosing a favorite flower and always have them on your desk, or be known for your cool hairstyles and hair accessories. Do both and pin your favorite flower in your hair. 

Spread Smiles. Show your thoughtful and creative side by giving your work mates flowers that you think represents them. Flowers make the boss smile too! According to a Texas A&M study, productivity, innovation and creative problem solving improve when flowers and plants are in the workplace. is hosted by the Society of American Florists, the U.S. floral industry trade association. Click below to find a local SAF member florist to send flowers, roses and gifts for delivery.