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ISO Dependable Delivery Drivers for Valentine’s Day? Call the Post Office

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Business Builder | 0 comments

stock image of a united states postal worker carrying boxes to his truckThere aren’t many reasons to rejoice about the timing of this year’s Valentine’s Day. But one benefit of a Sunday holiday is that it opens up a pool of knowledgeable, reliable drivers who can help with deliveries: mail carriers.

“They know the streets better than anyone, so you know they’ll be efficient,” said Sandy Nielsen, president of Nielsen’s Florist in Darien, Connecticut. She recruits heavily from the post office every Mother’s Day, as the holiday always coincides with workers’ day off.

Other good choices: charities, service organizations, and nonprofits (especially those that request checks or flower donations for their fundraisers!). For Nielsen, the go-to group is the Darien Lion’s Club, whose members deliver her flowers while wearing their club uniform. She can relax knowing that, while they’re out and about, the Lion Club’s reputation is as much at stake as her own shop’s. “You can trust that they will deliver product on time and in good shape,” Nielsen said. Furthermore, aligning with a group with a noble cause is always good PR, she said.

For detailed advice on recruiting and training holiday delivery drivers and preparing for Mother Nature’s mayhem (hello, Jonas!), check out “How to Succeed in Holiday Business (Without Really Crying).”

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