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Workplace Culture: Is Yours Helping or Hindering Retention?

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Workplace culture expert Jamie Notter headlines SAF Palm Beach 2017.

In recent months, Uber, the San Francisco-based tech company famous for its ride-sharing app, has come under fire for promoting a hostile work environment.

According to former employees, Uber leadership tolerated derelict behavior, including drug and alcohol abuse, gender discrimination and sexual harassment, and encouraged a cutthroat mentality in which colleagues frequently maligned one another to get ahead. In response to the torrent of negative press, Uber outlined 47 changes it planned to implement to improve for its workers, and several executives, including founder and CEO Travis Kalanick, resigned.

The embarrassing revelations of what went on at Uber shine a light on the importance of workplace culture.

“Culture is the secret to attracting — and retaining — top talent,” said Jamie Notter, co-founder of Work XO and the keynote speaker at SAF Palm Beach 2017 SAF ‘s 133rd annual convention, Sept. 6-9 in Palm Beach, Florida. Read more.

Businesses don’t need to set up foosball tables or offer free food to motivate employees. Rather, they should establish values that demonstrate respect, such as collaboration, inclusion and transparency — and “then make a point to actually practice what they preach,” Notter said.

There’s no one-size-fits-all company culture. “It’s about aligning what your people want and what drives your success,” Notter said. In his presentation, “Winning the Talent Wars with Culture,” he’ll review survey results of convention attendees’ managers and rank-and-file employees, revealing how they define their workplace cultures.

Additionally, Notter will share his ongoing research on what drives workers and how to nurture future leaders. He’ll also provide examples of companies with inspiring cultures and offer simple strategies to move the needle in the right direction, debunking the myth that culture change is complex and overwhelming.

To hear Notter and several dozen other speakers, click here to register for SAF Palm Beach 2017.



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