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Three Ways to Enhance Your Instagram Posts

by | May 19, 2017 | Business Builder | 0 comments

Seeing flowers in a home setting helps customers fantasize about having them in their own dwellings.

A recently released report from Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, revealed what drives consumers as they scroll through the photo-sharing site.

While many people use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, they turn to Instagram for inspiration—whether it’s to get ideas for home décor, fashion, makeup, travel or food. The most successful marketers structure their posts to fuel users’ passions, so they crave more and more content and covet the objects in them.

Here are three Instagram strategies to increase customers’ appetite for flowers:

  1. Show designs in real-world settings. Yes, your arrangements look lovely photographed in front of a white screen. But if you place them on your nightstand, coffee table or mantle, they suddenly seem irresistible. That’s because users can see the impact flowers have on décor and they start envisioning blooms in their own homes. This is why clothing companies print catalogues. Think about it: on a hanger, a Lilly Pulitzer dress might look cute—but a lot of people could resist the brightly-colored frock given its price tag. Stick it on a lithe, tan model frolicking on a beach and that dress becomes really desirable because consumers associate it with beauty, turquoise water, sun and a glamorous lifestyle.
  2. Share instructional videos. Don’t fret: giving consumers some simple DIY skills won’t keep them from seeking your services. People who watch floral design videos are people who buy flowers often. If you’re the one offering advice online, you’re the expert in their eyes. They’re more apt to source flowers from you than the grocer because they can get your input. And when they really want to make a statement with a professionally designed arrangement, they’ll choose the florist they know (even if only virtually) and admire.
  3. Collaborate with other influencers. Literally everything looks better with flowers. Identify some popular Instagram users in your community, such as chefs, makeup artists and fashionistas. Reach out to them to discuss ways you can make their posts more alluring (think: orchid florets around haute cuisine, a vase of peonies on a vanity table, floral jewelry to accessorize a little black dress). Just make sure the person you collaborate with tags you so all their followers see your name!


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