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Find Your Business’s North Star in Phoenix

by | Jun 21, 2023 | Events, Events & Education, Floral Industry News | 0 comments

SAF Phoenix 2023Can you start with a dream for your business, and then work backwards, step by step to achieve it?

Bart David, R3THINK

Bart David specializes in helping business owners reverse engineer their vision—and says the answer is a resounding yes. The founder of R3THINK, a customer and team experience consultant agency specializing in the floral industry, will share his formula during a presentation at SAF Phoenix 2023, the Society of American Florists’ annual convention Sept. 6-9 in Scottsdale, Arizona. His session will help professionals find clarity in their business’s vision, mission and values using custom tools, aiding in team development and business goals.

David, whose agency consults on business optimization and customized training platforms for the floral industry, spoke with SAF NOW about his passion for helping businesses and his faith in artificial intelligence.

SAF NOW: You’ve spoken to SAF convention attendees in the past. What is the focus of this year’s session?

David: Last time we focused on culture, this time the focus is on team development. That starts with finding clarity. Clarity is power, once you have clarity you can focus on the tools to get . We want to take that big dream you have for your business and reverse engineer it.

SAF NOW: How do you reverse engineer a dream?

David: If you can dream and define that dream and communicate those details, then we can give you the tools and the blue print to get there. For SAF Phoenix 2023, we’ve designed three tools. One is based on the method of Kanban, or continuous improvement. Another is a custom development map for team development, and the third is a free digital evaluation tool.

SAF NOW: Can you explain how Kanban works?

David: It’s a visual system for managing work that helps you gradually improve whatever you are doing. It was originally developed for Toyota in the 1940s. It doesn’t take fancy technology to implement—the literal translation is “sign board.” The Kanban tool I will share with attendees will help manage a business’s short-term and long-term actions and goals along with employee metrics. Our clients love this tool and use it on a weekly basis.

SAF NOW: That custom development map sounds interesting, too – how will attendees be able to use that?

David: Each attendee will receive a map based on the Grand Canyon to map the “training trail” for their team, making it a more fun experience for the entire company.

This trail will include experience design, hospitality training, innovation and value projects—all combined with levels of leadership training that inspire growth.

SAF NOW: You mentioned a digital evaluation tool – is that a tool for doing employee assessments?

The digital evaluation tool will enable attendees to track their employee engagement score. After the event, session attendees will have access to a free 15-minute consultation with our team to help them improve three essential employee engagement guided by their evaluation results.  

SAF NOW: You’re from Belguim; how are the workplace cultures in Europe different from here the States?

David: The workplace cultures in Europe and the U.S. are so different. And then the European cultures are different in Spain, Holland, and France. But in general, European culture has always been about caring for your people. Here in the U.S., it’s about time management and optimizing time.

SAF NOW: What have you learned from the European approach?

David: It’s about connecting with the person. To have a next-level experience with your people you really have to take time to understand and sit down with them. You have to show interest — real interest. I like to talk about the three Es: energy, enthusiasm and empathy.

Sarah Sampson is a contributing writer for the Society of American Florists.

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