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68 Radio Commercial Scripts for SAF Members

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Business Builder, Member Benefits, Sales WakeUP | 0 comments

Old Caucasian lady holding a radio to her ear.“Does SAF have radio advertising examples,” a member asked the Society of American Florists via the association’s Live Chat in early March.

Yes. SAF has 68 professionally-prepared radio commercial scripts promoting everyday flowers, sympathy sales, Administrative Professionals Week/Professional Secretaries Week, Mother’s Day and more. The 68 radio commercial scripts are available exclusively to SAF members for free.

Depending on your budget, the radio spots can be “live reads,” recorded by a station DJ, or produced by professional talent. SAF’s 30- to 60-second spots talk about the benefits of giving and receiving flowers and encourage listeners to turn to you, their local florist. Just insert your company name, contact information and details about any special promotions.

Tweak the radio scripts to use on your shop’s voicemail or on-hold messages.

Members can access the Radio Commercials Scripts here.

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