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To Get a Customer Talking (and Buying), Mirror her Behavior

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Business Builder | 0 comments

Image of two women in a flower shopYou’ve seen it a thousand times: The waffling customer. The “no thanks, I’m just browsing” window shopper. The aloof corporate client who no one on staff knows quite how to engage.

To make headway with a “difficult” customer when small talk just isn’t working, try mirroring her behavior, according to writer Jeff Charles of

“The mirroring technique is simple, but effective,” he writes. “It involves mimicking the mannerisms of the other person. It requires you to observe carefully how your prospect behaves so that you will know what behaviors to mimic.”

Charles suggests sales team members focus on three mannerisms:
·      Tone of voice. Is the customer quiet and reserved? Animated and loud? Adjust your tone to match her tone.
·      Word and phrase choice. Expressions that sound comfortable and companionable to one customer (“Sure thing!” “You betcha!”) can be grating to another; a customer used to saying “thanks, ya’ll” might bristle at a formal “you’re welcome, madam.”
·      Speed of speech. Use your customer’s speed to gauge your own; too fast or too slow can alienate a customer.

“The reason mirroring is so effective is because of humans’ tendency to be more favorably disposed towards others who are similar to themselves,” he writes. “When you mimic the behaviors of your prospects, they will subconsciously see you as more similar to themselves.”

One caveat: Less is more. “Don’t overdo it,” Charles adds. “You don’t want to make it obvious that you’re mirroring the other person. That’ll turn them off quickly.” Read more.

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