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How many retail florists are in the US Floral Market?

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, there are 13,419 florists in the United States (2015, latest data available). For more floral industry statistics, go to:


I would like to add new floral imagery to my social media, blog and website. Does SAF have anything I could use?

Yes, here are the links to the image galleries

Where are the radio scripts located?

You can find our radio scripts on the Market Your Business resource page.

I am looking for Women’s Day banners for Facebook and Instagram.

How can I start receiving Floral Management?

Floral Management is a GREAT magazine for staying up on floral industry trends, progressive business practices, new products and design ideas and so much more! It’s available in print and digitally and is FREE for SAF members and $49 annually for non-members. Check it out.

  • Non-SAF members: Click here to subscribe now!
  • SAF members: Sign up your staff to receive their very own digital copy of Floral Management magazine — for FREE. Just send an email to Sheila Santiago with your company name along with your employees’ first and last names and their email addresses. 

How can I talk to an attorney as part of my member benefit?

As a member of SAF, you receive 15 minutes of free legal consultation by phone.

SAF members can access the lawyer’s contact information by logging in here.

Where can I find the retail pricing worksheet?

The retail pricing worksheet can be found here.

I am looking for a sample wedding contract.

SAF members have access to a full page on our website that is dedicated to increasing your wedding business and it includes a sample wedding contract.

I want to increase my event sales. What does SAF offer?

Check out the articles in our publication, Floral Management. You will get some really great ideas used by other event florists for increasing event sales and providing outstanding customer service. For additional articles please check our past issue archives from 2013-2017

This is just a sampling of the kind of information you’d have access to as an SAF member — we are constantly developing content that helps our members run a more successful business, and events are a BIG part of our industry.

We also have a partnership with Details Flowers Software. The Details Flowers Software platform streamlines proposals, simplifies the payment process, and ensures clients are profitable down to each arrangement for weddings and events. Growers and wholesalers also benefit with additional business from subscribing florists. SAF members who have never signed up for Details can receive a 14-day free trial and a 15 percent discount on the full price monthly or annual subscription rate for the software. Members can login in here for more information. 

I am a floral designer. I mainly do weddings and need information on pricing to make sure I am competitive.

We have information on pricing in our Floral Shop Accounting 101 series.

What is the best way to figure out the pay structure for a designer that also has retail responsibilities?

The first place you should check is Floral Shop Accounting 101 series.  We also have an HR section that might be helpful.

Does SAF promote a Point of Sale System for the floral industry?

SAF has a list of several POS systems. Review the list and choose which one would be right for your business.

I am looking for the SAF Flower & Plant Care Manual. Is it available through this site?

Here is a link to where you can order the Flower & Plant Care Manual. 

I understand SAF has a Marketer of the Year award. How do we submit an application to be considered for the award?

SAF’s Floral Management magazine has the Marketer of the Year Award that is awarded annually. You can find the information here.

I have a flower shop and a garden center and am looking for a point-of-sale system that will work for both. Are the floral POS systems compatible with garden centers?

Flower shops with a garden center need a system that allows for fractional item counts (.74 yards of mulch etc.), good control of large inventory, and a good “cash register” mode versus “take an order” mode.  You can set up your garden center as a separate store/department and track those sales separately. Most floral POS systems would be able to do this to some extent — some may be better than others. We encourage you to visit our POS page, which features SAF member florist software companies and inquire with them directly.


If I am a student and I work for a member florist, what is my fee to join?

There are no additional fees if you are a student working for a member florist company. We can add your information to the company’s record. You will then have access to the website and newsletters. Just contact and provide the company information, your full name and email address.

I am an Event only Florist. How do I join SAF?

Event-only florists membership

I am a freelance designer. How do I join SAF?

Freelance designer membership


How can I email someone on SAF’s staff?

Please email or These emails are monitored closely and someone will get back to you shortly. Staff is available via our website’s Live Chat during business hours. Or call us at 800-336-4743 during our regular business hours.

I would like to advertise with SAF. Who should I contact?

Please contact our Director of Publishing, Sheila Santiago and she can tell you about the options and direct you to the correct contacts.

I am interested in setting up a workshop panel discussion and am looking for a floral industry speaker. Who should I contact?

The Society of American Florists’ Professional Floral Communicators – International (PFCI) is the service mark of the floral industry’s best floral educators. On local, regional and national stages, PFCI members present educational programs to floral professionals on floral industry trends and profitability. Find a speaker here.

I am a member and not receiving emails from SAF. How can I sign up?

Please email your company, city, state, name and email to Membership Specialist, Kimberly Hey.


Where will the annual convention be held in 2019?

Our annual convention for 2019 will be held in Amelia Island, Florida from September 18-21 at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island. Keep a look out for emails and you can check our website for updates at

For all SAF events and education, check here.

Can I Petal It forward if I am not a member of SAF?

Yes, you can participate in Petal It Forward as a non-member; however, to gain access to our resources and advice, you need to be a member. You can learn more about SAF membership by visiting our membership page.


Where can I find design videos? Can you point me in the right direction?

The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) offers five online floral design courses, for $99/video course for non-members. All of the details can be found here: In addition, Floral Design Institute has an extensive design video library showing advanced designs and techniques.

Where can I find a list of floral design schools?

List of Floral Design Schools.

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