Radio Script: Sympathy Receiver


Instructions: This 30-second radio script offers the opportunity to promote your shop in the community. You customize the commercial by replacing any bold items with your shop information. The spot can be recorded with local talent at either a production studio or radio station. The announcer’s tag at the end of the commercial allows you to give details about any specials you are having or to reiterate store information.

Woman’s Voice:
I’ll never forget how…how…at peace she was about it all. I mean, this one night, in the hospital, she takes my uncle’s hand and says something like: “Listen, I’ve done more in this life than most people ever dream about. So do me a favor. When my time comes…try to…celebrate a little. For Peter’s sake don’t go moping around all gloomy and weepy and stuff. Think back on the good times. And don’t forget the flowers,” she said. “Lotsa flowers now.”

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