Radio Script: Women’s Day – Thanks Mom

Instructions: This 60-second radio script offers the opportunity to promote your shop for Women’s Day. Customize the commercial by replacing any bold items with your shop information. The spot can be recorded with local talent at a production studio or radio station. The announcer’s tag at the end of the commercial allows you to give details about any specials you are having or to reiterate store information.

Young Woman:

My mom, no matter how old I get, she’s still there for me. I live six hundred miles away, run a business and have a daughter of my own. But Mom is still the one I call first if I have good news, to brag on the baby, need a recipe, or just some motherly advice. Well last night, I call. And she says there is a little thing in my voice, am I okay? I say, oh sure I’m fine. She says “tell me about it.” So I did. And she listened. Just like always. Mom says she can read me like a book. So today I spoke volumes. I sent her flowers for Women’s Day just to say thanks.


Women’s Day is March 8. Do you know a woman who should be celebrated? Honor, respect and love translate so beautifully with flowers. Call ABC Flowers today at 123-1234 or visit our Website at ABC Flowers. Experts in the Art of Expression. A member of the Society of American Florists.

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