Radio Script: We Make Giving Simple

Instructions for use:

This 60-second radio script offers the opportunity to promote your shop in the community. You customize the commercial by replacing any bold items with your shop information.

The spot can be recorded with local talent at either a production studio or radio station.

The announcer’s tag at the end of the commercial allows you to give details about any specials you are having or to reiterate store information.

60-Second Radio Script
We Make Giving Simple


They spend weeks sitting in dirt. They’re constantly drenched with water. They spend countless hours in the heat of the sun. And all this makes them the most beautiful gift you can give to someone. We’re talking about, of course, flowers and plants from ABC Flowers. When you consider all that goes into growing them, it’s no surprise how much people receive from this special gift. Whether they’re to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, or to say “thanks” or “I love you,” our custom-designed arrangements will warm a heart, elicit a smile and put someone on cloud nine. If you need help picking that right gift, just ask one of our salespeople.

Call ABC Flowers today at 123-1234 or visit our Web site at Because even though a lot goes into growing flowers and plants, we make giving them simple. ABC Flowers. Experts in the Art of Expression®. A member of the Society of American Florists.

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