Radio Script: Send an Instant Message

INSTRUCTIONS: This 60-second radio commercial script offers the opportunity to promote your business by highlighting the benefits of giving flowers and the convenience and delivery services you provide. Customize the commercial by replacing bold items with your shop information. Record the spot with local talent at a production studio or radio station. Click here for “Send an Instant Message” promotional materials and advice.

Music: (“Smooth Jazz” instrumental, establish, then under throughout.)


(If possible, woman — mature, sophisticated.)

E-mail. Voice mail. Text messages. We have so many instantaneous ways to reach out to friends, colleagues and loved ones today. Another great way to instantly communicate the kind of person you are: flowers. It’s true! Rutgers University shows that men and women who give flowers are seen as likable. Friendly. Emotionally intelligent. And successful, too.

That’s right—giving flowers says a lot about who you are and will surely make someone smile. So the next time you want to make a great impression, right away, call ABC Florist at 123-4567, or visit ABC Florist dot com or stop by our shop at 123 Main Street.

We’ll show you that the best instant messages come from your heart. ABC Florist — experts in the art of expression. A member of the Society of American Florists.

MUSIC: (Up and out)

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