Radio Script: Daily Inspiration (Harvard research)

INSTRUCTIONS: This 60-second radio commercial script offers the opportunity to grow your business by promoting to consumers the emotional benefits of flowers and the personal service you provide. Customize the commercial by replacing bold items with your shop information. Record the spot with local talent at a production studio or radio station. Click here for “Daily Inspiration” promotional tips.


It may sound surprising, but did you know that something as simple as having flowers around can brighten your everyday outlook? It’s true…Harvard University researchers have released the results of a study you’ll want to see and believe. Turns out flowers can boost your mood, instantly. According to the study, people who lived with flowers for just a few days felt more compassionate toward others and had less worry and anxiety. They even got a boost of energy at work! Imagine, simply waking up to a bunch of blooms in the morning can provide a dose of daily inspiration and chase away the blues. So, contact ABC Florist and discover the real emotional benefits of flowers…now there’s living proof.


ABC Florist will help you send a dose of daily inspiration to yourself or someone special. Visit, call 123-1234 or stop by our shop at 123 Main Street. ABC Florist — Experts in the art of expression. ABC Florist is a member of the Society of American Florists.

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