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5 Ways to Drive Holiday Sales Through Pinterest

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Sales WakeUP | 0 comments

Pins that feature lifestyle photos have greater sales potential than just product shots.

Pins that feature lifestyle photos have greater sales potential than just product shots.

We may be a scant one week into fall, but Christmas-related searches are already ramping up on Pinterest. Here are few ways to get your flowers in front of the site’s users planning the perfect holiday. 

  1. Know the different Pinterest demographics and what they want. Pinterest identified four types of holiday shoppers: the time-saver, the gifter, the guest and the planner. The time-saver wants a happy holiday without all the fuss and searches for easy, pre-packaged recipes and gift ideas. The gifter wants to make others feel special and is willing to spend a little extra to find something personal. The guest looks for ways to spice up get-togethers. The planner is a holiday perfectionist who carefully considers every detail. Centerpieces and décor rank among the top planner search terms.
  2. Start early. Your Facebook and Instagram posts might be all about pumpkins, cobwebs and witches right now, but on Pinterest, tis the season to promote boards full of wintery designs and giftware. “Since holiday shoppers primarily use Pinterest to discover new ideas, it’s important to launch your holiday campaigns on Pinterest earlier than you might on other platforms,” said David Cohen, editor of Adseek’s Social Pro Daily. “If you can reach people as they start making that list and checking it twice — before they’ve decided on a brand or product — you’re more likely to pop back into their mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.”
  3. Make your list and check it thrice. Use targeting to put your pins in front of the right people. Customer list targeting helps you reach existing customers, while audience targeting finds people who have visited your website or Pinterest account in the past. Even better, actalike tareting uses your current customer list to find other pinners who resemble your existing clientele.
  4. Embrace lifestyle images. Make your pins feel more relevant by showing how your product fits into your shopper’s everyday lives during the holiday season. Pick images that show context and bring your flowers to life. (Think: a decorated home or office, a centerpiece surrounded by party treats.)
  5. Trim your pins with pops of text. Pins that include descriptive text over an image lead to more sales than their image-only counterparts. Use text overlay to help pinners understand your products’ unique features this holiday season. Headers, subheaders and annotations are just a few of the creative ways to make your copy interact with the image. No matter what you decide, remember to keep text clear and concise.

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Katie Hendrick Vincent is the senior contributing editor for the Society of American Florists.

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