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Local Action. Nationwide Impact. That’s the Power of SAF.

Since 2015, the Society of American Florists has choreographed one of the most engaging floral promotions in the industry’s history — Petal It Forward. What started as an SAF-led promotional event in New York City has grown into a nationwide initiative that connects the entire industry.

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, through 573 local events in 467 cities in all 50 states and Canada, floral teams took to the streets with one simple goal: Share the power of flowers through the gift of giving. Delighted passersby received two bouquets — one to keep, another to give away — and were asked to post their feelings using the hashtag #petalitforward.

As individual members – armed with step-by-step advice and promotional tools from SAF — created local market visibility, their common effort generated national reach. Public relations and social media efforts from the 2017 campaign garnered nearly 82 million consumer impressions, reaching people far beyond the direct flower recipients.

Petal It Forward is a prime example of the industry coming together for a common goal, and as your national trade association, we are proud to lead you in this initiative to elevate consumer perceptions about flowers. SAF helps you build a better floral business, so together we can build a stronger floral industry.

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Capitalize on Petal It Forward to Promote Your Shop

Whether it’s paying for a fellow commuter’s toll, or leaving a generous restaurant tip, “pay it forward” actions are all the rage. News coverage on people spreading kindness has evolved into an ongoing feel-good story on traditional and social media channels across the U.S.

The floral industry can take part in this feel-good trend through SAF’s Petal It Forward campaign, leveraging study findings on how flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods (and that people report the best reason to receive flowers is “just because”).

Petal It Forward illustrates the positive benefits of giving and receiving flowers, positions your business as a do-gooder, increases employee morale, and can increase your visibility in the community through local media coverage.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how you can do your own Petal It Forward event.

Petal It Forward is possible thanks to the voluntary contributors of the SAF PR Fund. Find out if your supplier is a PR Fund supporter at

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