Poinsettia Brochure and Flier

Remind customers that university research has shown that poinsettias are not poisonous to people and animals.

SAF’s Poinsettia Brochure and Fliers include information on the toxicity myth and other helpful facts, such as care and handling tips.

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Print-Ready Poinsettia Flier

Poinsettia Flier Handout

Click the image to download the Print-Ready Poinsettia Flier (PDF).

Print-Ready Poinsettia Brochure


Click the image to download the Print-Ready Poinsettia Brochure (PDF).

Customizable Poinsettia Brochure

Poinsettia Brochure - Customizable

Click the image to download the Customizable Poinsettia Brochure (Word Document).

The Microsoft Word document has two areas that can be customized:

  • Front Cover: company name.
  • Back cover: in the area above the SAF logo, add your shop’s information — shop name, logo, address, phone, Web site, and any special offers.

Once you’ve customized your document, take it to a print shop or copy center. Tell them it is a two-fold brochure.

In-house Printing Instructions

  • Go to File > Print.
  • Select to print only the first page.
  • Once the first page is printed, flip it.
  • Select to print the second page so that it prints on the other side of the paper.
  • Once you have both sides printed, fold it twice



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