Growers Council

The Growers Council represents the needs of the grower industry segment within the Society of American Florists.

The year noted after each individuals name indicates when their term on the Council expires.
If you would like to receive contact information for a particular Council member, please reach out to SAF staff on LiveChat.

Austin T. Bryant
Heart of Florida Greenhouses, Inc.
Zolfo Springs, FL

Juan Carlos Aguilar (2023)
Dramm Echter Farms
Encinitas, CA

Joaquin de la Torre (2022)
Ball SB
Miami, FL

Victor Giorgini (2023)
Equiflor – Rio Roses
Doral, FL

Sofia Herrera (2024)
Jardines De Los Andes
Madrid, Columbia

Rodi Groot
Sun Valley Floral Group
Oxnard, CA

David Kaplan
Above All Flowers
Barrington, RI

Stephen Kennicott (2022)
Kennicott Kuts, LLC
Chicago, IL

Juan David Lecuona (2023)
Deliflor Latin America
Rionegro, Colombia

David Register (2024)
FernTrust Inc.
Seville, FL

Rita Jo Shoultz (2022)
Alaska Perfect Peony
Fritz Creek, AK

F.J. Trzuskowski (2023)
Continental Floral Greens
Belfair, WA

Susie Bachman West Bachman’s Minneapolis, Minnesota
Susie Bachman West (2022)
Bachman’s, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

Staff liaison
Katie P. Butler
Senior Vice President
Society of American Florists
1001 North Fairfax Street, Suite 201
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: 703-838-5200

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