Nominate a PFCI Member for the Tommy Bright Award

PFCI Members Eligible for 2017 Tommy Bright Award

Nominations Due:
Jan. 27, 2017

The PFCI Board of Trustees reviews nomination letters annually during its spring meeting in March and determines the recipient by a unanimous decision. Nominations are kept on file for three years. The Tommy Bright Award is presented at the SAF Annual Convention.

To nominate a PFCI member for the Tommy Bright Award for lifetime achievement in floral presentation, send a nomination letter to:


(703) 836-8705

Society of American Florists
Attn: PFCI
1001 North Fairfax Street, Suite 201
Alexandria, VA 22316

Tommy Bright Award 

Nominee Should Be:

  1. A presenter whose body of work is well known and respected
  2. An educator and teacher
  3. Someone who is knowledgeable about all facets of the floral industry
  4. A person whose business reputation is beyond reproach
  5. A member in good standing of PFCI for at least 10 years
  6. PFCI Board of Trustees members are ineligible for nomination during their term as Trustee.
  • Sylvia Bird
  • Frank Brice
  • Steve Brickner
  • Lee Burcher
  • Vince Butera
  • Tina Coker
  • Jeff Corbin
  • Deborah De La Flor
  • James DelPrince
  • Mark Erickson
  • Mary Lee Evans
  • Tim Farrell
  • Walter Fedyshyn
  • Diana Ferich
  • Ron Gilbertson
  • William Graham
  • Lisa Greene
  • Bob Hampton
  • Cathy Hillen Rulloda
  • Mary Linda Horn
  • Tony Huffman
  • D. Wayne Jones
  • John Klingel
  • Damien Koh
  • Suzie Kostick
  • Denise Lee
  • Jason McCollum
  • Sharon McGukin
  • Tony Medlock
  • Jeff Miklos
  • Paul Miller
  • George Mitchell
  • L. Lynne Moss
  • Carmen Nelson
  • Sylvia Nichols
  • Alan Parkhurst
  • Darla Pawlak
  • Kathleen Petz
  • Don J. Pfannenstiel
  • Rose Phillips
  • Ian Prosser
  • Sharon Reinking Miller
  • Bill Schaffer
  • W. Kurt Schroeder
  • David Shover
  • Janet Simpson
  • Michael Skaff
  • Pam Smith
  • Kathleen Thomas
  • Brian Vetter
  • Lisa Weddel
  • Susan Wilke
  • James Wright
  • Kevin Ylvisaker

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