John H. Walker Award

To recognize the growing importance of association executives in the workings of the Society of American Florists and to honor the contributions of SAF’s former long-time Executive Vice President, John H. Walker. In 1979, after his retirement from SAF, the John H. Walker award was first given to honor him.

Award Criteria:

  • Recipients must be employed (i.e. paid staff) by a member association of SAF.
  • Recipients must have a minimum of three years continuous service with a member association.

The Awards Committee Will Specifically Consider

  • Creative and substantial implementation of industry and SAF-sponsored programs beneficial to member associations (and their individual members) and our various other publics.
  • Enrollment or attendance at professional schools, seminars, meetings or courses which tend to contribute to an executive’s ability to better serve member associations and their members.
  • The nominee’s service in leadership positions in professional societies and organizations dedicated to professionalism in association management.
  • The nominee’s involvement in civic and community organizations.
  • Evidence of a nominee’s sharing his management skill and abilities with associations and association executives.
  • The nominee’s contributions and achievements to his or her association.
Nomination Deadline: May 2, 2022.

Nomination/Selection Process

John Walker Award Recipients

2019 – No Recipient Chosen

2018 – No Recipient Chosen

2017 – Christine Boldt

2016 – No Recipient Chosen

2015 – Lin Schmale, Society of American Florists

2014 – No Recipient Chosen

2013 – Russ Barley, AAF, AIFD, CFD, FSMD, Emerald Coast Flowers & Gifts

2012 – No Recipient Chosen

2011 – No Recipient Chosen

2010 – No Recipient Chosen

2009 – DuVal “Butch” Johnston, AAF Johnston’s Quality Flowers, Inc.

2008 – No Recipient Chosen

2007 – Drew N. Gruenburg, Society of American Florists

2006 – Augusto Solano, Asocolflores

2005 – Rodney Crittenden, Michigan Floral Association

2004 – James Wanko, Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Assn.

2003 – Benjamin Bolusky, Florida Nurseryman & Growers Assn.

2002 – Robert Otsuka, California Flower Market

2001 – Dennis Kirven, Ohio Florists’ Association

2000 – No Recipient Chosen

1999 – Peter J. Moran, Society of American Florists

1998 – No Recipient Chosen

1997 – Dianna L. Doss, Texas State Florists’ Assn.

1996 – Bob Heffernan, Connecticut State Florists’ Assn.

1995 – Thomas C. Shaner, AIFD

1994 – Archie J. Clapp, WF&FSA

1993 – Steven Brickner, AAF, AIFD, PFCI

1992 – Bob Briggs Colorado Greenhouse Growers Assn.

1991- William Carl Plummer, Arkansas Florists’ Association

1990 – Donna Cameron, Northwest Florists’ Association

1989 – Robert Heron, Professional Allied Florists of Metro Detroit

1988 – Wil Carlson, Bedding Plants, Inc.

1987 – Jim and Gen McCarthy, AAF North Central Florists’ Assn.

1986 – Floyd W. Johnson, Greater Milwaukee Florists’ Assn.

1985 – Dr. Harry Tayama, AAF Ohio Florists Association

1984 – Melvin H. Schwanke, AAF Nebraska Florist Society

1983 – Michael A. Caliandro, AAF California State Florists Assn.

1982 – Mildred P. Michie, Professional Florists of Mississippi Valley

1981- Charles Barr, AAF, Connecticut Florists Association

1980 – James Krone, AAF, Roses, Inc.

1979 – Richard G. Klingman, Colorado Flower Growers Association American Carnation Society

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