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‘Puppy Party’ Caters to Animal-Loving Philanthropists

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Sales WakeUP | 0 comments

A Garden Party Florist caters to customers’ affection for their pets (and charity) with a puppy photo shoot.

A Garden Party Florist caters to customers’ affection for their pets (and charity) with a puppy photo shoot.

By Mackenzie Nichols
Mindful that people love charitable causes as well as their “furbabies,” one New Jersey florist devised the perfect event to cater to animal-loving philanthropists.

 On Wednesday, Aug. 22, A Garden Party Florist in Elmer will host “A Puppy Party,” to benefit the Salem County Humane Society. Professional photographers will be on hand to capture the photogenic pooches — made all the cuter with floral accessories.

The light bulb went off for owner Mary Coombs after noticing a number of clients were requesting flowers to adorn their dogs for weddings.

“We have done many photoshoots over the past 12 years, and my favorite ones were those that have included some furry creatures, so I thought, ‘Let’s do a puppy photo shoot!’”

On her personal Facebook page, Coombs asked friends if she could borrow someone’s puppies for a photo shoot — and got tons of responses. “That’s when the idea grew to make it a public event to benefit a local shelter,” she said.

One of her former brides connected Coombs with the Salem County Humane Society. She then recruited five local photographers with experience working with animals.

For the party, Coombs will set up a tent on the recently renovated, family-friendly Hill Creek Farms. She’ll have a variety of “doggy bloom” designs (floral collars designed on a ribbon base, bandanas with floral edges, leashes adorned with blossoms). “These will be in various sizes to accommodate for the range of dog breeds and sizes,” she said. After the event, photographers will contact guests via email. Everyone receives one free photo, with additional downloads available in exchange for donations to the Humane Society.

Coombs advertised the party on Facebook, sharing a link to the shop’s website where people can RSVP. At press time, 75 people had registered for the event.

Coombs is encouraged by the excitement the party has already generated. “One of A Garden Party’s core values is to have fun with flowers, and another value is to promote creative growth in our community,” she said. “Seeing all the volunteers come together for this benefit is a powerful thing. I am lucky to have so many people in our network who want to be a part of positive movements such as this.”

Want more puppy-powered inspiration? Here are a few more examples of florists tapping into their “wild” side:

Mackenzie Nichols is a contributing writer for the Society of American Florists.



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