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Social Media Content Calendar: Valentine’s Day

Save time during this busy season by using SAF’s Social Media Content Calendar to promote your Valentine’s Day offerings!

Use the suggested content and timeline to plan your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts leading up to Valentine’s Day.

The content can be used in a variety of ways!

  • Use as-is: Right click and save the graphics, and copy, paste, and post the captions directly to your social accounts.
  • Find inspiration for creating your own posts and new ideas to advertise all the amazing ways your store can create the perfect Valentine’s Day.
  • Mix and match different posts that work for your business.
  • Customize by using photos of your own Valentine’s Day arrangements with the text we’ve provided.
  • Expand your marketing with even more social media graphics. Don’t forget to post and link on your Facebook and Instagram stories too – here are some templates and examples.

For more marketing and promotional ideas, check out the SAF Valentine’s Day Resource Center.

Week of January 30

Relax and Order Early Captions

  • Our staff at (name of shop) are excited to help you find the perfect bouquet for your loved ones. Order early so we can make sure your flowers arrive on time for the perfect Valentine’s Day!
  • Want to truly impress your one-and-only this Valentine’s Day? Let us be your Cupid! Avoid the last-minute rush and order early so you can sit back and relax on February 14.
  • Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, and we are here for you! Well versed in the language of love, our staff at (name of shop) are here to help you find the perfect bouquet.
  • We love making you look good. Order your Valentine’s Day flowers early and be sure to make a lasting impression!

Week of February 6


Flowers Aren’t Just for Romance Captions

  • We all know that Valentine’s Day is February 14, but did you know there’s actually seven days devoted to love?
    Valentine Week starts with Rose Day on February 7. Celebrate by sending roses to your loved ones! They’ll be looking forward to a Valentine’s Day gift and won’t expect this February 7 surprise!

  • Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic partners! We’re quick to shower our significant others with love on February 14 but the day before is just as important! Celebrate Galentine’s Day or Palentine’s Day on February 13. We have the perfect gift for all of your loved ones!


Week of February 13

Facebook 404 - Valentine - looking for a valentine?
Facebook 404 - Valentine - looking for a valentine?

Last-Minute Cupid Captions

  • Don’t overthink it. All your Valentine really wants is flowers!
  • Send flowers and watch happiness bloom!
  • We’re here for you and it’s not too late to give the gift of flowers this Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine’s Day is this week! Still need to order flowers? Don’t worry – give us a call and let us create the perfect bouquet for you.

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