Consumer Trends on Buying Flowers

Did You Know …

  • 65% of Americans feel special when receiving flowers..**
  • 60% of Americans believe a gift of flowers has a special meaning unlike any other gift.**
  • 77% of Americans perceive those who give flowers to be thoughtful.**
  • 70% of Americans say the color of flowers adds to the impact of the gift.**
  • 69% of Americans say the sight and smell of flowers can improve their mood.**

73% of Americans have a high appreciation of flowers.**

By generation:

  • 76% Gen Y
  • 73% Gen X
  • 72% Baby Boomers

92% of women say the best reason to receive flowers is JUST BECAUSE.*

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans say florists have helped them in a past or current relationship!*

It’s as good to give as to receive: 80% of Americans say RECEIVING flowers makes them feel happy; 88% say GIVING flowers makes them happy.*

Flowers are memorable:

  • 89% of Americans remember the last time they gave someone flowers,
  • 77% of women remember the last time they received flowers.*

* SAF Omnibus Survey 2015
** Generations of Flowers Study 2016

Consumer Trends on Buying Flowers

Statistics based on personal consumer purchases (transactions) of fresh flowers, flowering houseplants, green plants and bedding/garden plants (Does not include business purchases):

What are consumers buying?

Outdoor bedding/garden plants 46%
Fresh flowers 34%
Flowering/Green houseplants 20%

Who’s buying?

Women 79%
Men 21%

For fresh flowers only:

Women 65%
Men 35%

For whom are they buying?

Self 63%
Gift 37%

For fresh flowers only:

Self 33%
Gift 67%


Occasions/Reasons for Buying Cut Flowers

  • About three quarters of purchases (77%) of cut flowers are made with a reason/occasion in mind, and 23% of people say they bought flowers “just because.”
  • Top occasions for purchasing flowers are birthdays (12%) and anniversaries (12%).
  • For Occasion/Reason 77%
  • Just Because/No Special Occasion 23%

Top Occasions/Reasons

  • Birthday 12%
  • Anniversary 12%
  • Appreciation/Thank You 6%
  • Home Decoration 5%
  • Congratulations 5%
  • Love/Romance 4%
  • Mother’s Day 4%
  • Valentine’s Day 4%
  • Apology 3%
  • Funeral/Memorial/Sympathy 3%
  • Christmas/Chanukah 3%

Source: Floral Purchase Tracking Study 2016.


Women say the best reason to receive flowers is JUST BECAUSE.*


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