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Floral Management magazine is the flagship publication of the Society of American Florists. The publication covers the best in floral industry intelligence, operating strategies, trending news, new products, fresh floral product, social media advice, pricing advice, care and handling advice, merchandising— and more. Advertorial and sponsored content opportunities are available, including packages that include writing, editing and design support to make your ideas and services stand apart from the competition.

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Editorial Calendar


Featured Editorial


January/February 2022
  • The 2022 Forecast
  • The pandemic’s pressure on the supply chain is forecasted to spur changes to the floral industry
  • Consumer buying trends and floral trends you need to know to drive marketing and sales
  • Industry marketing efforts are underway to keep flowers at the forefront of consumers’ minds
  • Forecasting cash flow

Product Focus

  • Light and bright minimalist products
  • ried florals
Reserve space: 11/21/21
Materials Due: 12/3/21
March/April 2022
  • Sustainability
  • Retailers, wholesalers, and growers are embracing sustainability in the way they market, ship, package and produce fresh and hard good products
  • A look at climate policies that could affect the industry
  • Practicing social sustainability in the workplace

Product Focus

  • Sustainable or eco-friendly products
  • Pantone color of the year
Reserve space: 1/31/22
Materials Due: 2/4/22
May/June 2022
  • The Event Issue
  • Flower choices, venues and weekday weddings are changing wedding work
  • Build trust with customers and position yourself as an expert when it comes to offering substitutions and selling a look for event work
  • Collecting, recording, and distributing tips

Product Focus

  • Baby products
  • Roses, with a focus on good substitutions for the most popular colors and varieties
Reserve space: 3/28/22
Materials Due: 4/1/22
July/August 2022
  • Technology Toolbox
  • Evaluate and improve your online presence
  • Create an intentional social media plan that drives engagement — and sales
  • Integrate video into websites and social media
  • Conquer payroll processing programs

Product Focus

  • Business apps/Gadgets
  • Dahlias, zinnias and other flowers that perform best when grown locally
Reserve space: 5/27/22
Materials Due: 6/3/22
September/October 2022
  • SAF Marketer of the Year
  • Marketing tips and strategies from SAF’s Marketer of the Year
  • Build your brand
  • Best techniques to upsell in person and online
  • Smart savings and investment plans for your profits

Product Focus

  • Luxury add-ons to boost business
  • Chrysanthemums
Reserve space: 8/1/22
Materials Due: 8/5/22
November/December 2022
  • Fresh Product Spotlight
  • The latest and greatest fresh product
  • Creative merchandising displays for the holidays
  • Best practices to source fresh product from local farms and international farms
  • Creating a realistic budget for 2023

Product Focus

  • 2023 Fresh Product Buyers Guide
  • Interesting fillers for arrangements
Reserve space: 10/3/22
Materials Due: 10/6/22

2022 Rates

Net Rates 1X 3X 6X
Full Page $3,545 $3,297 $3,055
1/2 Page $2,795 $2,520 $2,375
2/3 Page $2,990 $2,780 $2,601
1/3 Page $2,005 $1,920 $1,715
2- Page Spread $6,540 $5,735 $5,660
Back Cover $4,150 $3,960 $3,855
Inside Front Cover $3,985 $3,825 $3,680
Inside Back Cover $3,655 $3,505 $3,340

Ad Specifications

Placement Size
Full Page Bleed: 8.5″ x 11.125″
Trim: 8.25” x 10.875”
Live Area: 8” x 10.625”
2/3 Page Vertical: 4.6″ x 9.625”
1/2 Page Horizontal: 7″ x 4.625″
Island: 4.6″ x 7
2-Page Spread Bleed: 16.75” x 11.125”
Trim: 16.5” x 10.875”

Mechanical Requirements >

General Requirements and Formats

  • A high-resolution PDF/X-1a file is required for all ads.
  • Colors must be CMYK. No ICC profiles, RGB, or Pantone colors.
  • Resolution of all photography and scanned illustrations must be at least 300 dpi. Line art should be 600 dpi.
  • Vital copy and images must be at least 1/8″ away from trim. Spread ads must have at least 3/8″ total gutter.
  • Materials should be submitted without crop marks, but full-page ads should include the required 1/8″ bleed.
  • All fonts used must be embedded in the PDF file.
  • Using the bold, italic or other style keys is not encouraged. Please use the bold or italic version of the font. (For example, instead of making Adobe Garamond bold with the style key, use the actual font for Adobe® Garamond Bold.)
  • Flatten all layers and set transparency to highest setting. Ads must be suitable to print as-is. SAF is not responsible for any errors in content.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Materials that do not meet the stated advertising specifications will be rejected.
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser.
    All materials must be submitted in accordance with the published deadlines and meet the criteria stated in the advertising policy.
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Special Advertising Sections


We are offering a one-page and two-page spread to showcase your sustainability efforts.

Specs & Pricing

MarchApril 2022
Materials Due: November 15, 2021

Two-page spread: $2,000
Editorial assistance fee is an additional $800
500 – 700 word description of your sustainable efforts

One page: $1,500
Editorial assistance fee is an additional $800
300 – 500 word description of your sustainable efforts

All participants must submit the following:  

  • A headline

  • Three to Five (3-5) images of your efforts (images should be high-resolution, 300 dpi .eps or .jpeg)

  • Company logo

  • Fifty-word (50) or less description of your company„

  • Company address

  • Website

  • Phone number

  • Email


Get your Fresh Product seen by the industry with this comprehensive listing.
November/December: Fresh Flower Buyer Guide
Materials Due: September 30, 2022

Specs & Pricing

Listing – $650
Interested? Prepare the following information (as you would like it to appear in Floral Management).

  • One (1) high-resolution (300 dpi) .eps or .jpeg image of your product
  • One (1) high-resolution (300 dpi) .eps or .jpeg company logo
  • Fifty-word (50) or less description
  • Top Crops Grown
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Email
Your Tech Tool Box


Do you have a technology-based product or service to share with members of SAF? Participate in the Technology Marketplace section in the May/June issue of Floral Management with a listing of your services and company information. May/June: Your Tech Toolbox Deadline: April 1, 2022

Your Tech Tool Box

Two page Advertorial

Feature the benefits of your products and services in a cost effective, customized way in Floral Management Magazine! This two-page spread allows you to provide valuable information on your company to readers alongside editorial content that our members trust and depend on. This turn-key opportunity provides you with the space to tell your story–or have one of our editors help tell it for you!

Contact us for more info!


Terms & Conditions
All advertisements are subject to the approval of the Publisher.

Advertiser indemnifies the Society of American Florists (SAF) against losses or liabilities arising from advertising and/or partnership agreements. SAF staff & board members reserve the right to reject, omit, or cancel advertising or partnership it does not feel is in the best interest of our community members.

SAF assumes no liability whatsoever, except to the extent of a one-time paid advertisement of the same specification, in the next or similar publication, if any proven or admitted errors or omissions have occurred. Full payment is due net 15 days upon receipt of the invoice. Interest shall be charged at 2% per month compounded to yield 26.82% per year on overdue accounts. A charge of $30.00 will be levied against all returned checks. In the event of a contract cancellation, the advertiser/or agency agrees to repay SAF any discounts granted on multiple insertions less any discount applicable for the number of insertions completed in the contract. All cancellations must be received in writing prior to the advertising sales deadline. All premium positions are noncancelable. Prices are net of agency commission. Ads may also appear in an online version of the publication(s). SAF is not responsible for errors if a hard copy proof is not submitted with the electronic file.