Funeral Director 2-Fold Thank-You Brochure

Some funeral directors regard the “in lieu of flowers” phrase as a convenient, polite way to meet requests for a memorial contribution. But to others, the phrase has a deeper meaning. It means they don’t want to deal with flowers. To them, handling and transporting flowers is an inconvenience, a hassle, an expense. SAF provides advice and materials to win funeral director(s) over to flowers.

Funeral Director Thank-You Brochure

Download the Funeral Director 2-Fold Thank You brochure (PDF)

One way is to send a “Thank You” packet. Send the “Funeral Director 2-Fold Thank-You Brochure,” along with a personal note, to local funeral directors. This brochure expresses appreciation for the role funeral directors play and explains the importance of flowers in the bereavement process. The brochure also provides a list of alternative phrases that effectively communicates requests for memorial contributions without the negative reference to flowers.


  • Send local funeral directors who use the “in lieu of” phrase the “Funeral Director 2-Fold Thank-You Brochure” along with a personal note (or use SAF’s suggested letter) with a floral arrangement to capture their attention, showcase your work and demonstrate the positive emotional benefits of flowers.
  • Remember to follow up and schedule a meeting.
  • Let SAF know about your local efforts, e-mail

Recommended Printing Instructions

  • Take the PDF file to your print shop or copy center.
  • Tell your print shop or copy center that this is a two-fold brochure.
  • Ask your print shop or copy center to add your shop’s information — shop name, logo, address, phone, Web site, e-mail — in the blank middle panel of the first page.

In-house Printing Instructions

  • Go to File>Print.
  • Select to print only the first page.
  • Once the first page is printed, flip it.
  • Select to print the second page so that it prints on the other side of the paper.
  • Once you have both sides printed, fold it twice

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