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B2B Kit: Telephone Script

Use the sample telephone script when approaching prospective business customers.

Instructions: Research the company before you call and know who is responsible for ordering flowers or gifts. You’ll see some phrases in parentheses, where you should insert the appropriate information about your own shop. Feel free to expand or edit this script to suit your own needs and the needs of your potential client.



FLORIST: Hello, my name is (insert name) and I am (your title) with (name of your florist shop). I understand that you are responsible for ordering flowers at (name of company). Is that correct? Great, do you have a moment? I’d like to tell you about some interesting news about flowers and plants. Or, can I schedule some time over the next week to meet with you in person?

[At this point, you can proceed, schedule an in-person appointment or schedule a time to call back. If you proceed, continue with the script below.]

FLORIST: Thank you. The news is that flowers and plants aren’t just mere embellishments – a study by Texas A&M University shows that people whose workplace environments include flowers and plants demonstrate more creativity and generate better ideas. Researchers credit the benefits to the boost in moods that flowers and plants inspire. How does your company currently use flowers and plants?


We wanted to let you know about the study, so you might consider (name of your florist shop) for weekly office flowers, client gifts and employee recognition. Flowers and plants are a great way to enhance your company’s image, thank your clients in a special way and provide an affordable perk for employees.

Does that sound like something you might consider?

(wait for response)

To show you how flowers and plants can enhance your workplace, I’d like to send you a thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. Can I confirm your address?

Thanks for your time, and (name of your florist shop) looks forward to serving your business in the future. Have a great day.

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