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How to Prepare Talking Points

Preparation is the key to good media relations. Spend a few minutes developing a “media strategy” before the mad rush of the holiday begins, and you’ll feel confident to respond should a reporter dial your number. Decide on three key points you most want to get across in an interview and develop a few messages for each.

When drafting your messages, pretend you are talking with a new customer. How would you convey the unique benefits of Valentine’s Day flowers and what your shop has to offer? Examples include:

  • Message: Flowers are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.
    Talking Point:
    “Women want to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day – nothing says ‘I love you’ like a gift of flowers.”
  • Message: Roses come in a wide array of popular colors.
    Talking Point:  “Our customers love the rainbow of rose colors to choose from – from the classic red to pink, peach, yellow, lavender, coral, orange – we’ve got them all.”
  •  Message: Valentine’s Day is not just for romance.
    Talking Point: “We’re receiving more and more requests for flowers for mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Valentine’s Day has become a time to express a variety of sweet sentiments in addition to romantic ones.”

Anticipate potential negative questions, such as about the “high cost” of roses, and develop answers on how you would best respond.

Practice your messages. The best way to practice is to role play: Have a colleague pretend they are the reporter asking you questions – you’ll get a feel for how the interview may go and build your confidence as your practice your response.

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