How To Be A Good News Source

  • Control media activities by establishing an information center or an on-site media area.
  • Get the media briefed as quickly as possible with as much information as possible. Educate them and allow them to ask questions.
  • Be open, honest and accessible. Do not attempt to cover up or mislead. Present the truth but frame it in a positive way. How an issue is “framed” determines people’s emotional reactions to it.
  • Discuss with the media only what you know – do not speculate.
  • Be precise. If you can’t answer a question, say why. If you’re trying to get an answer, explain how you are going about it.
  • Humanize yourself and your business as an organization of caring people responding to human needs and concerns. Acknowledge the audience’s right to their feelings – fear, anger, distrust – but tell them what you’re going to do to allay those emotions.

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