WebBlast: Tim’s Calling … LIVE


Presenter: Tim Huckabee, FSC, FloralStrategies LLC

Ever wonder what your staff really sounds like to customers when they call to place an order with your store? Are they professional and efficient? Empathetic and personal? Do they ask sales-crushing questions like, “How much do you want to spend?” and offer, “Our arrangements start at…”

In each Floral Management magazine, Tim Huckabee shares the results of his mystery shopper calls to flower shops around the country — the good, the bad, and the truly cringe-worthy — along with his advice on how florists can easily train their teams to deliver truly outstanding customer service and higher sales.

During these WebBlasts, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Listen as Tim breaks down the call, pointing out the subtle cues customers offer (and staff too often miss), that indicate how much each client is willing to spend on meaningful occasions.
  • Learn to identify the common mistakes sales team members make, including questions they should never ask and how their tendency to sell from their own pocket hurts your bottom line.
  • Discover proven language to share with your staff that will position them as experts in flowers and drive more customers toward higher priced, open orders: easier for all and more profitable too!

TWO OPPORTUNITIES: a Birthday and a Funeral

Making Every Sale Count

Download a PDF of the “Making Every Sale Count” slides.

Husband Rescue

Download a PDF of the “Husband Rescue” slides.

Crash and Burn

Download a PDF of the Crash and Burn slides.

Better Funeral Sales

Download a PDF of the Better Funeral Sales slides.

Centerpieces 101

Download a PDF of the Centerpieces 101 slides.

The Birthday Blues

Download a PDF of the “The Birthday Blues” slides.

Mystery Calling a Wire Service

Download a PDF of the “Mystery Calling a Wire Service” slides.

Bigger is Better

Download a PDF of the “Bigger is Better” slides.

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