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Mother’s Day Mania

Mother’s Day requires all hands on deck. That’s why we’ve brought four experts in to address the hot spots flower shops need to have in tip-top shape during “Mother’s Day Mania,” an SAF WebBlast.

Listen in as our featured presenters coach you to increase your Mother’s Day sales: TeamFloral’s Sales Manager Lori Wilson, Web Manager Kami Martin, Graphic Design and Marketing Strategist Ellie LaFever, and VP Vonda LaFever, AIFD, PFCI.

During this 30-minute WebBlast, you’ll learn about:

  • In-store displays that move product
  • Cooler arrangements to boost your average sale
  • Selling tips for you and your staff
  • Perfecting your website
  • Getting social for Mom

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Are You Leaving Money on the Design Bench?

Presenter: Vonda LaFever, AIFD, PFCI, TeamFloral

Cost of goods sold and labor are two controllable expenses that can make or break your floral shop. Buying right and using the correct markup are key to profitability.

Find out how to create efficient designs during “Are You Leaving Money on the Design Bench?,” a WebBlast presented by Vonda LaFever, AIFD, PFCI. Vonda coaches some of the most successful florist shops in the country as vice president of TeamFloral.

Watch as Vonda shares and demonstrates design tips to increase productivity and profitability.

In just 30-minute WebBlast, you’ll learn:

  • Goals for COGS and payroll
  • Best practices on controlling design costs
  • Tips on design room productivity
  • How to design for perceived value
Vonda LaFever, AIFD, PFCI, coaches some of the most successful florist shops in the country as vice president of TeamFloral.

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Mother’s Day Strategies for Buying & Marketing

Presenters: Vonda LaFever, AIFD, PFCI, TeamFloral; Bill LaFever, PFCI, Bill Doran Company 

What can we expect for Mother’s Day sales? How is the product supply and prices? Which arrangements should I feature on my website? 

Find out “Mother’s Day Strategies for Buying & Marketing” via this WebBlast presented by two top floral industry experts. Vonda LaFever, AIFD, PFCI, coaches some of the most successful shops in the country as vice president of TeamFloral. SAF President-Elect Bill LaFever, PFCI, is president of the Bill Doran Company, one of the industry’s largest and most innovative wholesalers.

Vonda teaches you how to market and sell Mother’s Day like you have never done before. Bill shares flower buying strategies and tips for getting the best value for your purchases.

In just 30-minutes, you’ll learn:

  • When to order and what products will have the highest margins
  • Strategies for getting the most sales from your web and in-store visitors
  • What the most successful shops are doing this holiday
Vonda LaFever, AIFD, PFCI, coaches some of the most successful florist shops in the country as vice president of TeamFloral.
SAF President-Elect Bill LaFever, PFCI, is president of the Bill Doran Company, one of the industry’s largest and most innovative wholesalers.

Watch Now 5 Steps to Profitable Weddings and Events

Presenter: Ryan O’Neil, Twisted Willow Design

As a wedding and event florist, you’re constantly bombarded with opportunities to make more revenue. But if your profits are not growing in tandem with the revenues, then what’s the point?

Find out “5 Steps to Profitable Weddings and Events” presented by Ryan O’Neil. He has become a go-to wedding resource for florists through The Business of Flowers blog and his program at the 2016 Wedding MBA Conference.

O’Neill owns the award-winning wedding and event floral design boutique Twisted Willow Design in St. Louis with his wife Rachel, and developed, a floral studio management software designed to help florists save administrative time and book more brides.

In just 30 minutes during this fast-paced educational WebBlast, O’Neill shares advice on how to:

  • Upsell — Help clients allocate all of their floral budget.
  • Sell out — Maximize the number of clients you can take.
  • Side sell — Maintain your brand while taking on small clients.
Ryan O'Neil, owner of Twisted Willow Design in St. Louis, presents “5 Steps to Profitable Weddings and Events,” a FREE WebBlast for members on Jan. 18.

Watch NowFiscal Forecasting for a Fickle Economy

Presenter: Charlie Hall, Ph.D., Texas A&M University

What is going on with the economy, and how can I position my floral business accordingly? Is now a good time to hire? Or buy a big ticket item for the shop?

Floral industry economic adviser Charlie Hall, Ph.D., professor and Ellison Chair in the Department of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University and a featured speaker at SAF Maui 2016, looks at the economic horizon and the key indicators every floral business owner needs to follow to make informed, strategic decisions about investing in people, equipment, marketing and more.

You’ll learn:

  • How rising interest rates are likely to impact your customers and business
  • Economic indicators to keep on your radar
  • Steps you can take now to prepare for the next economic downturn






Charlie Hall, Ph.D.

Watch NowThe Generations of Flowers Study

Presenter: Marc Goulet, Russell Research

Which generation has the highest appreciation of flowers? What is the most common reason consumers give for purchasing? Which generation is most likely to use a florist? What are the biggest barriers to purchase?

These questions and more are answered in a new study resulting from a partnership between SAF and the American Floral Endowment (AFE). SAF and AFE invite you to hear the key findings of the 2016 Generations of Flowers Study.

Marc Goulet of Russell Research explains what the study revealed about consumer perceptions, motivations and barriers to purchasing flowers among three generations: Generation Y, Generation X, and Baby Boomers.

Funded by the Floral Marketing Research Fund, the 2016 Generations of Flowers Study is an update to SAF’s 2009 generational research.

Marc Goulet of Russell Research

Watch NowParty Like a Pro

Presenter: Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI, Crockett, Myers & Associates, Inc.

Ever find yourself wondering how much to mark up your product, how much you should charge for design, labor or delivery? In just 30 minutes, floral industry financial expert Derrick Myers will show you the formulas to make your events profitable every time. He’ll also discuss how to bridge the gap between a bride’s “Pinterest” dream wedding and her budget, and how to make extra money as the wedding day coordinator.

You’ll learn:

  • Proven strategies for planning profitable events
  • Pricing formulas that work
  • Pinterest do’s & don’ts for brides
Derrick Myers

Watch NowMother’s Day Pricing for Profits

Presenter: Mark Anderson, FloristWare

How do you set prices? Do you offer “charm” prices (those ending in the number 9) or rounded prices? Do you charge for delivery and services separately, or do you bundle them? Do you offer an “anchor” product that draws in customers? How will your sales staff quote the price of your standard Mother’s Day arrangements to callers?

“Subtle tweaks to pricing can have big impact on profits,” said Mark Anderson, FloristWare founder and developer who studies pricing models and writes about them for

Anderson reviews those “subtle tweaks” during “Mother’s Day Pricing for Profits,” a free WebBlast for members.  “I’ll explain how to use advanced and easy-to-implement tactics that have been perfected by the biggest and most profitable companies,” Anderson said.

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn how to use four proven tactics to boost profits:

  • Anchor pricing
  • Charm vs. Round Pricing
  • Bundling
  • Expressing Prices
Mark Anderson head shot

Watch NowHow Much Is Your Business Worth?

Presenter: Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI

There are many different ways to establish the value of a retail business, and floral industry financial expert Derrick Myers knows them all. Find out what’s important to consider when assessing fair market value, and how a professional figures out what a business is really worth.

Derrick Myers

Watch NowIs Your Workplace Drug-Free?

Presenter: Connie Turner, SPHR, Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits

Illegal drug use can seriously impair workers and cost employers billions of dollars a year in increased sick time, absenteeism, tardiness, accident rates, workers compensation claims, turnover, theft and more. During this webinar, HR expert and the Vice President of Human Resources at Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits Connie Turner, SPHR, talks about how to set up an effective policy for ensuring a drug-free workplace.

Connie turner

Watch NowThe Power of Pricing

Presenter: Mark Anderson, FloristWare

FloristWare founder and developer Mark Anderson studies pricing models and writes about them for Mark presents The Power of Pricing, a special series of online short courses.

Episode 1: $49.99 or $50.00? One Penny Makes A Huge Difference

Research shows that one penny can make a huge difference in the way consumers perceive your product, brand and value proposition. The latest research also shows how that one penny affects the way consumers experience and remember your product.

Episode 2: Bundling: The Huge Upside to Selling Packages

About the time florists started leaving the bundled pricing model — by charging delivery and services separately — other industries, such as fast food, started embracing it by promoting  combos or “value meals.” Now, research shows bundles increase perceived value and sales while lowering ordering costs.

Episode 3: You Don’t Take Margin to the Bank

Some vendors, such as gas stations, do not offer volume discounts, while others discount volume purchases by as much as 90 percent. What is the formula, and where do flowers fit in?

Mark Anderson head shot

Watch Now5 Questions to Ask Your Team the Week After Mother’s Day

Presenter: Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI

Before you decompress from Mother’s Day and while you can still recall details, debrief with staff on what went right, what went wrong and simply what could be better. Floral finance wiz Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI, reveals the topics you must discuss with staff to improve efficiency, production and sales performance for the next Mother’s Day. This same strategy can be used after each holiday (or event) to improve the next one.

Derrick Myers

Watch NowMobile Madness

Presenter: Renato Sogueco, SAF

Having a smartphone is not only a must to manage our hectic personal lives but also an indispensable tool for business. Smartphones allow you to be connected with shop activity while on the go, capture great photos and videos, and take command of your social media presence as you make posts and upload media right away. SAF Chief Information Officer Renato Sogueco presents Mobile Madness, a special series of online short courses.

Episode 1: Is Your Smartphone Smart Enough for Your Customers?

iOS vs Android vs others? Find out what wireless plan is right for your business, and learn about key hardware specs!

Episode 2: Get Appy

Learn about productivity apps to keep your business humming and the right apps to capture great photos and videos.

Episode 3: Uploading Photos and Video to Social Media

See demos of how to capture, manage and edit media to upload to popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Renato Sogueco

Watch NowPR Boot Camp – Capture Media Attention for Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Presenter: Jennifer Sparks, SAF

SAF Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Sparks presents a “short course” from her powerful media training programs.  In just one hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Put your shop on local news radar
  • Establish yourself as the expert your local media turns to again and again
  • Increase your shop’s visibility before Valentine’s Day — and year round
Jennifer Sparks



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