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How Much Is Your Business Worth?

Presenter: Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI

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There are many different ways to establish the value of a retail business, and floral industry financial expert Derrick Myers knows them all.

Find out what’s important to consider when assessing fair market value, and how a professional figures out what a business is really worth.

Derrick Myers

Is your workplace drug-free?

Presenter: Connie Turner, SPHR, Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits

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HR expert and the Vice President of Human Resources at Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits Connie Turner, SPHR, talks about how to set up an effective policy for ensuring a drug-free workplace.

Drug-Free Workplace Policies, Episode 1

Illegal drug use can seriously impair workers and cost employers billions of dollars a year in increased sick time, absenteeism, tardiness, accident rates, workers compensation claims, turnover, theft and more. During this webinar, you’ll learn how to set up an effective policy for ensuring a drug-free workplace.

Drug-Free Workplace Policies, Episode 2

You’ll learn about types of drug tests and when do to them, substances to test for — and how long they stay in the body, when to tell employees they will be tested, and how to keep test results confidential.

Connie turner

The Power of Pricing

Presenter: Mark Anderson, FloristWare

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FloristWare founder and developer Mark Anderson studies pricing models and writes about them for Mark presents The Power of Pricing, a special series of online short courses.

Episode 1: $49.99 or $50.00? One Penny Makes A Huge Difference

Research shows that one penny can make a huge difference in the way consumers perceive your product, brand and value proposition. The latest research also shows how that one penny affects the way consumers experience and remember your product.

Episode 2: Bundling: The Huge Upside to Selling Packages

About the time florists started leaving the bundled pricing model — by charging delivery and services separately — other industries, such as fast food, started embracing it by promoting  combos or “value meals.” Now, research shows bundles increase perceived value and sales while lowering ordering costs.

Episode 3: You Don’t Take Margin to the Bank

Some vendors, such as gas stations, do not offer volume discounts, while others discount volume purchases by as much as 90 percent. What is the formula, and where do flowers fit in?

Mark Anderson head shot

5 Questions to Ask Your Team the Week After Mother’s Day

Presenter: Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI

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Before you decompress from Mother’s Day and while you can still recall details, debrief with staff on what went right, what went wrong and simply what could be better. Floral finance wiz Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI, reveals the topics you must discuss with staff to improve efficiency, production and sales performance for the next Mother’s Day. This same strategy can be used after each holiday (or event) to improve the next one.

Derrick Myers

Mobile Madness

Presenter: Renato Sogueco, SAF

** SAF members can watch these WebBlasts for FREE online at** Having a smartphone is not only a must to manage our hectic personal lives but also an indispensable tool for business. Smartphones allow you to be connected with shop activity while on the go, capture great photos and videos, and take command of your social media presence as you make posts and upload media right away. SAF Chief Information Officer Renato Sogueco presents Mobile Madness, a special series of online short courses.

Episode 1: Is Your Smartphone Smart Enough for Your Customers?

iOS vs Android vs others? Find out what wireless plan is right for your business, and learn about key hardware specs!

Episode 2: Get Appy

Learn about productivity apps to keep your business humming and the right apps to capture great photos and videos.

Episode 3: Uploading Photos and Video to Social Media

See demos of how to capture, manage and edit media to upload to popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Renato Sogueco

PR Boot Camp – Capture Media Attention for Valentine’s Day & Beyond

Presenter: Jennifer Sparks, SAF

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SAF Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Sparks presents a “short course” from her powerful media training programs.  In just one hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Put your shop on local news radar
  • Establish yourself as the expert your local media turns to again and again
  • Increase your shop’s visibility before Valentine’s Day — and year round
Jennifer Sparks

Better Forecasts: Better Florists

Presenter: Paul Goodman, CPA, PFCI, Floral Financial Services

Have unpredictable sales left you over-staffed and with too much inventory? Better sales forecasting can lower your cost of goods sold.


  • How to forecast sales (both day-to-day and for holidays) — in a challenging economy,
  • How to put your forecasts to work for you.
  • How to use sales forecasts to increase productivity


Paul Goodman

Holiday Sales BootCamp

Presenter: Tim Huckabee, FloralStrategies, LLC

Jumpstart your holiday profits! We’ll show you how — in just 1 hour!


  • A more effective way to sell centerpieces
  • Tips for selling wire orders
  • How to use your POS system to handle more sales during the holiday rush.


Tim Huckabee teaches retail floral sales techniques

Treasure Hunt! Find Your Hidden Profits

Presenter: Derrick Myers, CPA, CFP, PFCI

Save a dollar of cost and you add it right back to your bottom line, but it takes about $8 in sales to create the same effect on profit.
Why don’t we put as much effort into cutting costs as we do on sales growth?

In this video of his presentation at SAF Palm Beach 2012, floral industry financial expert Derrick Myers dives deep into the six main cost centers of your business to show you how to track, measure and adjust costs — and increase profits in ways you never thought possible.

Here’s a sample of the practical tools and information you’ll take away from this program:

  • Customizable Target COGS Worksheet
  • Tips to focus your staff on profitability
  • Wire Service Profit and Loss Worksheet to help you see the bottom line for your business
  • Target percentages for cost of labor, marketing, occupancy, delivery — and how to reach them


Derrick Myers

Click here to preview “Treasure Hunt!”

Optimize Your Website (2-DVD Set)

Presenter: Renato Sogueco, SAF


SAF’s Optimize Your Website DVD Set  includes two popular webinars taught by SAF’s Chief Information Officer — and SEO “guru” — Renato Sogueco.

SEO 101: Search Engine Optimization

When you search your business name online, does your Web site show up in the top 10 results? In this webinar video Renato Sogueco breaks search engine optimization down into easy steps and basic action items to get your business on page one of search results. (1 hour)

Securing Your Spot Online

Learn the art and science of localized SEO and keep your shop on top of local search engine rankings! Google search engines now put more weight on local references. To keep your shop’s ranking high, you may need to adjust your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. In this one-hour webinar, Renato Sogueco, S will show you how to make sure your shop stays on top when customers search online for a local florist. Learn how to populate your site with the right localized geographic keywords. (1 hour)



Get Smart: Get a Phone That Works for You

Presenter: Renato Sogueco, SAF

Smartphones are the wave of the future. Not sure what smartphone is right for you or how the apps will help you promote your business?


  • Key features and mobile plans associated with the popular smartphones on the market.
  • What applications you should get on your phone.
  • How your smartphone makes managing social media simple.



Bringing Back the Balance

Presenter: Barry Gottlieb, Life and Business Coach

Running a small business means long hours and hard work. But the price is more than a few hours of sleep. Burnout can take a bite out of your bottom line as exhaustion takes its toll on you and your employees. Learn how to manage stress and put life back on an even keel — in just one hour!


  • How to reduce the negative impact of stress.
  • How to balance the demands of a busy job with your personal life.
  • How to use a simple, 20-minute technique to relax and regain focus on the job and at home.

The take-away, says Gottlieb, “will change your life!”



What the New Health Care Law Means to Your Business

Presenter: John Satagaj, Attorney

SAF’s Washington, D.C. counsel provides a question-driven nuts and bolts review of the key provisions of the health care law and what it means to your business.



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