I had a wonderful time learning from industry professionals about great ways to engage with my employees, how to take responsibility and also how to better myself as a leader. I would highly recommend attending next year’s conference to enhance what skills you already possess and also to challenge yourself to learn new tricks of the trade.

Samantha Emery

Harmon's Floral Company, Portland, Maine

Every year, I walk away from convention with so many ideas that I can put into practice as soon as I return to my store. Convention pays for itself (many times over) with the increased sales and cost-saving tips I receive from the presentations.

David Mitchell

Mitchell's Flowers & Events Orland Park, Illinois

I learned the ‘big picture’ of social media and met several experts who can help me with the details of implementation in my business. I was able to speak to my technology partner about changes and upgrades in my website. Seeing the new fresh floral products being grown by our expert growers was a high point. I’m so glad we are all doing what we can to make our business and industry better and more efficient. I got to meet these people and talk to them at SAF!

Beverley Ireland

Jasmine Creek Florist, El Cajon, California

What an incredible convention! I took away knowledge from every single session I attended regardless of how much it pertained to my specific business. All of the presenters were incredible. I loved all of the networking opportunities! It was fun to see this year the extra attention put toward the Next Generation! I look forward to this convention every year!

Zoe Gallina, AAF

Botanica International Decor & Design Studio, Tampa, Florida

The 2018 SAF convention was on fire! We couldn’t have had a better time catching up with old friends and learning new ways to take our florist shop to the next level. We’re always looking for innovative ways to grow and expand. So when we come back from the convention we’re energized and ready to hit the ground running. We leave with a ton of ideas and new strategies but there’s always 1 or 2 golden nuggets that takes us to the next level.

Reece Farinas

Beretania Florist, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii

SAF convention is the only venue where the entire floral industry comes together. The educational, networking and relationship building opportunities are remarkable. It is where all the industry leaders and leaders of the future meet. Every industry business owner or manager should put this at the top of the “to do” list.

Shirley Lyons

S. Lyons Consulting, Veneta, Oregon

The SAF convention moves your thoughts forward to new and exciting ideas — connects you with growers, wholesalers, vendors and other successful florists.

Charlene Wesseler

Fairfield Flowers, Virginia Beach, Virginia

We have made lifelong friends from all segments of the floral industry at the SAF conventions. We have been attending for over 20 years and always look forward to it.

Susie Heroman

Billy Heroman's Flowerland, Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I attended my first SAF convention this year, and I came away so impressed. There is a genuine felling of unity here. The event exceeded my expectations.

Mike Huggett

American Takii, Salinas, California

SAF convention is a great way to network and hear from leaders in the industry. I always leave with great tips to take back home and implement to improve our business.

Jodi McShan, AAF

McShan Florist, Inc. Dallas, Texas


You will learn, connect with others and have fun in the process! In the end, you will take that positive energy and new knowledge back to your business — priceless.

Nancy Godbout

Harmon's Floral Company, Portland, Maine

My mom and I wouldn’t miss another SAF convention for the world!

Nicole Palazzo

City Line Florist, Trumbull, Connecticut

Meeting fellow florists and sharing infor¬mation is priceless. The SAF staff cares about our success and has an abundance of information. All we have to do is ask for it.

Lorrie Anderson

Country Florist of Waldorf Inc., Waldorf, Maryland

The most inspiring resource for improvement in our industry!

Chanda Mines

Bagoy’s Florist & Home, Anchorage, Alaska

The connection and networking with our floral professionals are priceless. You can feel the pulse and positive direction of our industry at convention.

Brian J Wheat, CEO, AAF, PFCI

Lafayette Florist Gift Shop and Garden Center, Lafayette, Colorado

I recommend that anyone who wants to improve their business should attend SAF’s convention and see what new things you can learn.

Robert Bryant

Flowers By Robert Taylor, West Covina, California

I was amazed at the learning opportunities at the SAF convention! I went home with a brain and notebook full of great ideas to implement. How to market on social media, formulas for pricing, internship opportunities all over the country, the inner workings of large events. This convention really sparked my enthusiasm and love of all things floral!

Tricia Cox

Professor of Horticulture at BYU Idaho

The rock-solid reason for this convention’s success is the people who take part in the event. They are more engaged, more passionate about con¬tinuing education, more curious about ‘what’s next’ and more interested in gaining new and quality connections to grow their real, local floral business.

Michael Delgorio



I have never left an SAF convention with less than five things to start implementing in my business.

Kaitlin Radebaugh

Radebaugh Florist & Greenhouses, Towson, Maryland

I felt rejuvenated and fully charged after my first SAF conference.

Anthony Baradhi

Flower Station Somerset, New Jersey

SAF’s convention is a great opportunity not only for meeting people but also for learning all about the business. I enjoyed every moment.

Melissa Quintero

Groflowers Miami, Florida

SAF’s convention is a great opportunity to [get] ideas, trends and knowledge from the other side of the business.

Pablo Bazzani

Perfection/Plazoleta Bazzani, Facatativa, Colombia, S.A.

The energy and information you receive floods your brain. The wheels start turning and suddenly you take this information, put a twist on it, and come up with your own ideas that are relevant to your business.

Theresa Colucci AIFD, PFCI

Meadowscent, Gardiner, New York

It is great to see everyone from year to year and hear their successes. I always go home with a wealth of knowledge.

Kristen Gainan

Gainan's Floral & Greenhouses, Billings, Montana

We have made wonderful friends and view this convention as the only chance we get each year to reconnect with other florists.

Susie Heroman

Gainan's Floral & Greenhouses, Billings, Montana

This is the best event in the industry for gaining the knowledge and skills to hone your business and take it to the next level.

Doug Lindamood

Calla Lily Ltd - George's Flowers, Roanoke, Virginia

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