Alex Laurie Award Recipients

Following is a list of all recipients of the Alex Laurie Award for Research and Education to date.  These individuals are not eligible to receive the award a second time.

2018    No award given

2017    Paul A. Thomas, Ph.D., University of Georgia

2016    Brian E. Whipker, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

2015    Terry L. Ferriss, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-River Falls

2014    John Dole, Ph.D., North Carolina State University – Raleigh

2013    Virginia Walter, MS, California Polytechnic State University

2012    Dr. Ed Sisler, North Carolina State University – Raleigh

2011    Dr. Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State University

2010    Dr. Ann Chase, University of Florida

2009    Dr. Lance Osborne, University of Florida

2008    Dr. James Barrett, University of Florida

2007    Dr. James Moyer, North Carolina State University

2006    Dr. Allan Armitage, University of Georgia

2005    Dr. Kevin Keinz, Texas A&M University

2004    Dr. Mary Hausbeck, Michigan State University

2003    Dr. Michael Reid, University of California

2002    Dr. Richard A. Criley, University of Hawaii at Manoa

2001    Dr. Paul V. Nelson, North Carolina State University

2000    Dr. Joe J. Hanan, Colorado State University

1999    Dr. P. Allen Hammer, Purdue University

1998    Margery Daughtrey, Cornell University, Long Island Horticultural Research Labs

1997    Dr. Michael Parrella, University of California-Davis

1996    Dr. Royal Heins, Michigan State University

1995    Dr. William Carpenter, University of Florida

1994    Dr. August A. DeHertogh, North Carolina State University

1993    Dr. Anton Kofranek, University of California

1992    Dr. Harry Tayama, Ohio State University

1991    Dr. Harold Wilkins, Nurserymen’s Exchange

1990    Dr. Richard Craig, Pennsylvania State University

1989    G. Victor Ball, George J. Ball, Inc.

1988    Dr. Roy A. Larson, North Carolina State University

1987    Dr. Robert Wing Langhans, Cornell University

1986    Dr. William H. Carlson, Michigan State University

1985    Dr. Lowell C. Ewart, Michigan State University

1984    Dr. Claude Hope, Linda Vista, S.A.

1983    Dr. Gail Edwin Beck, University of Wisconsin

1982    Professor James W. Boodley, Cornell University

1982    Professor Haruyuki Kamemoto, University of Hawaii

1981    Dr. Richard E. Widmer, University of Minnesota

1980    Dr. Elwood Kalin, Washington State University

1979    Dr. John White, Pennsylvania State University

1978    Dr. Toshio Murashige, University of California

1977    Professor Alex Laurie, Ohio State University

1976    Dr. D.C. Kiplinger, Ohio State University

1974    Professor Oliver A. Batcheller, California Polytechnic State University

1974    Dr. Howard C. Brown, California Polytechnic State University

1973    Alvi O. Voigt, Pennsylvania State University

1972    Dr. Charles E. Hess, Rutgers University

1971    Dr. Harry Trelogan, USDA Statistical Reporting Service

1970    Professor A.W. Dimock,  Cornell University

1969    E. Gurney Mann, E.G. Hill Company

1968    Dr. H.H. Thornberry, University of Illinois

1967    Dr. Louis Berninger, University of Wisconsin

1966    Professor James E. Smith, Jr., University of Missouri

1965    Dr. John G. Seeley, Cornell University

1964    Dr. Marlin N. Rogers, University of Missouri

1964    Professor James E. Smith, Jr., University of Missouri

1963    Dr. Neil Stuart, USDA

1963    Dr. Samuel Emsweller,   USDA

1962    Paul R. Krone, Michigan State University

1960    Dr. Gustav A.L. Mehiquist, University of Connecticut

1959    Dr. W.D. Holley, Colorado State University

1958    Dr. James B. Shanks, University of Maryland

1957    Dr. John R. Culbert, University of Illinois

1956    Dr. A.F. DeWerth, Texas A&M University

1956    Dr. Wesley Davidson, Rutgers University

1955    Dr. Henry M. Cathey, Cornell University

1954    C. Fisher

1954    Kenneth Post

1953    M. Truman, USDA

1952    R. Hampton

1952    B. Brunk

1951    N. Stuart

1950    Conrad Olson

1949    F. Smith

1948    W. Blauvel

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