Past Programs

1999 National Advertising Program

Education and information is the key to building consumer confidence in the use of flowers and increasing their floral purchasing. In 1999, SAF educated consumers about the positive benefits of flowers and positioned professional florists as the outlet of choice through a series of targeted national advertising messages.

SAF’s 1999 national advertising program consisted of a series of three “advertorials” – advertisements designed to look like articles in a magazine to draw readers’ attention. Strategically placed in national magazines that best target the primary floral purchasing audience (women, ages 25-54) – Woman’s Day, McCall’s, Martha Stewart Living, and Gourmet – the ads are designed to broaden consumers’ understanding of the versatility of flowers as gifts and home decor and to promote florists’ outstanding attributes.

1999 Public Relations Program

  • Valentine’s Day: Released to the national media in September 1998, SAF’s Valentine’s Day press kit was distributed to the daily print and broadcast press in early January. To capture the media’s attention, the press kit cited SAF consumer survey results that 81% of men rank themselves a six or lower on a romantic scale of one to 10. The survey also showed that 30% of men wait until Valentine’s Day or the day before to order or purchase gifts for their sweetheart. To help offset the challenges of the holiday falling on a Sunday, the release encouraged inspiring cupids to plan their floral purchases ahead of time. As part of SAF’s efforts to get positive floral messages in the news, SAF garnered national exposure for Valentine’s Day flowers on The Rosie O’Donnell Show. Reaching 5.3 million viewers the Friday before the holiday, SAF provided an arrangement of roses for Rosie’s desk and a rose for each member of her studio audience. In wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day, Rosie announced the flowers were provided by professional florists across the country.
  • Professional Secretaries Week: According to an SAF consumer survey, while 86% of consumers feel it is very or extremely important to be thanked or shown appreciation from their boss in the workplace, only 41% are thanked often by their boss for the contributions they make on the job. SAF used these findings in a newswire distributed in March to print and broadcast media nationwide. Promoting flowers as the ideal gift of appreciation for a job well done, the release provided helpful tips for bosses on ordering Secretaries Week flowers and emphasized the convenience of working with their local florist.

1998 National Advertising Program

1998 national advertising efforts consisted of a six-page special advertising section which ran in the November 1998 issue of Gourmet magazine. Designed to emulate a feature article in the magazine, the advertising piece visually demonstrates the many uses and benefits of flowers, promotes the excellence and expertise of the entire florist profession, and provides consumers with advice on what attributes to look for when choosing a florist.

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